3 more pink pens bit the dust

Well . . . . I am FINALLY done grading finals!!!!!

23 research papers, 54 essays, and 24 biz english portfolios (filled with various emails) along with other various tests and exams have all been read and assigned grades. 

. . . sigh . . . that was the most grading I think I've ever done.  Three college level writing classes is pushing the limit of sanity.  :)

And, yes, I really did use all the ink up in a total of 5 pink pens--all different brands. (I even had to resort to grading the last set of papers in bright blue ink.)


  1. Wow girl! You are very busy! But what an inspiration this blog has been for me and I imagine your students feel you are an inspiration to them as well.
    God's grace and wisdom is evident in your character and thoughts. Thank you for giving your life over to His control! Blessings and comfort to you my dear sister!

  2. wow, that is crazy...the ink of five pens!!! *round of applaus for amanda* well done. :)

  3. amanda, could you let me know where it was that you got your new blog template?? i looked at the site at the time but now i can't remember what it was or even what month you got your new template to search the archives. i'm thinking about getting mine done by them. thanks!

  4. Bless your heart! That is A LOT of grading! :)
    I have some questions for you about teaching English overseas and the work that you do. Would you mind e-mailing me when you get a chance? Thanks! :)

  5. Yes, of course. There is a link in the sidebar on the left at the bottom. They are called Blogovers with Love. And, I highly recommend them. :)
    With blogger, they can/will totally go in and redo the whole site for you.
    Can't wait to see wedding pics. I've already subscribed to your new feed. Hope you are enjoying life as a wife. :)


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