smile at the camera

Gilby, Smile at the Camera

I think Gilby has actually learned to "smile" for the camera. When I say "Gilby, look at the camera" he actually does!! 

I used to hold a treat right by the camera and give the command.  That way he'd look at the treat and thus be looking into the lens of my camera at the same time.  But, now, no treats are needed at all.  And, not only does he look . . . he opens his mouth and appears to be smiling.

In fact, he absolutely loved taking pictures last night.  I was trying to get some shots to send home to parents and grandparents so they could see my tree.  In some of them I held Gilby, but if I decided to take one by myself he either jumped into my lap or ran over to stand by my feet. 

Silly dog . . . you think it's possible for a canine to actually fall in love with the limelight?

You see him just sittin' there beggin' for me to take his picture, right?

Merry Christmas From Gilby


  1. How funny!! And he fits right in with your other decorations.

  2. Gilby is so precious! He looks like one of the stuffed animals. Love the tree! You're right, these posts are important.

  3. He looks like one of your stuffed animals. Oh! Someone else already said that. LOL Too sweet.

  4. Oh he is SO cute!! I just want to squeeze him :-)

  5. Gilby is so cute. he heee heee I wish my cat would do that. lol
    I wrote you a e-mail on Monday. Did you received it?


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