This is what I looked like this weekend:

amanda with no curls

Yes, it only lasted the weekend.  It is/was not a permanent change to my natural curls. 

I went to get a hair cut on Thursday night, but the lady didn't know how to cut curly hair.  So, she first straightened it and then cut it.  Of course, I got the hair cut, after a massage and hair washing . . . so the entire process took about three hours, but only cost 14 USD (with no need to tip). 

I can't complain.


  1. Most assuredly gorgeous!!!
    Oh my goodness, the wash and message stuff was so cool! lol.
    Thanks for the prayer, You rock! Chapel went amazing. I was so so nervous the whole time... But, afterwards everyone said I did awesome and that Im a great public speaker. This morning was the first time that Ive ever done something like that. I mean... we did it all over in TW BUT... Either 1.) You had a translater and think about what you say while they are translating or 2.) Youre up there talking and most the people dont have a clue what youre even saying so its not as big a deal, lol...
    But, The Lord was SO speaking through me! I mean... Its seriously cool to be up there and to know what youre saying and its in your words but at the same time you totally know that you could of never come up with that by yourself... get what im saying?

  2. I didn't know your hair was so long. The straight look is pretty on you, but it's not the "real you" :)

  3. Beautiful! I can relate to the naturally curly hair thing. I've learned to straighten it to some extent, but it's pretty much...curly. :)
    I'm trying to visit all the blogs in the Christian Blogosphere blogroll. I enjoyed my visit here!


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