pumpkin people

Pumpkin People

Sometimes on Sunday afternoons, my little neighbors (who really aren't that little anymore), Karen and Christine come over to play games.  But, this last time, we did something different.  We painted faces onto little pumpkins (no, not oranges, pumpkins really--I promise).

Karen and Christine painting their pumpkins

Karen and Christine with their pumpkin faces

This was the first time I've actually seen orange pumpkins here in Taiwan.  Usually they are more of a yellow-green and more gourd-like in shape.

When I found these at the store I actually got a little excited.  But, I also found it quite humorous since I now know where all the pumpkin rejects from the States go to die . . . Taiwan! :) 

They had one kind of pumpkin labeled "large."  The "large" pumpkin
could still fit easily into the palm of my hand.  It was about the size of a grapefruit--maybe.  I think the family across from
me in the grocery store last week got a kick out of watching me get a
kick out of the "large" pumpkins. :)

pumpkin people

DSC03251 DSC03248

For more pictures of our pumpkin people, click over to flickr.


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