how many children is enough? 8? 12? 20?

"You could buy a yacht, or you could save some children's lives and build a family," Meg, the mother, is quoted saying in regards to spending their family inheritance on the hundreds of thousands of dollars on international adoption fees!

wow!  just wow.  This couple near Chesapeake Bay has really adopted 20 children--aged 1 to 21.  Just amazing.  I've always dreamed of having a huge family--12 children is the number I always dream about.  But 20? . . . hmmm . . . that is just huge!

Even though they've been accused of adopting just for government money, they take no government money in order to run their household.

Their pockets are not bottomless, so the Kings live frugally and
with great faith, believing what they need will be provided. They
rarely visit malls. They shop at outlet stores while on vacation in
Maine, which they travel to -- and anywhere else they go together -- in
two 15-passenger vans.

The children wear hand-me-downs that are donated; friends shop yard
sales and send boxes of clothes every year. Their medical expenses are
largely covered by health insurance, but for orthodontic braces the
kids go to the dental clinic at VCU Medical Center where students work
at a reduced rate. So far, eight sets of braces are paid for and three
more are in the works.

As for college, the Kings are banking on help from scholarships and other financial aid, as well as the kids working part-time.

For groceries, they shop for sales and at warehouse stores. A local
tomato grower let the family loose in one of his fields to pick ripe
tomatoes that would have gone to waste. The Kings turned the bounty
into 350 quarts of various kinds of tomato sauce.

Go read the article . . . it is just amazing. 

{HT: Cindy}

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  1. Oh! Those are SO my kind of people! How cool! (Of course, I don't think I've enough patience for twenty! There are 6 here on occasion and they run me ragged!Wowie! I just love the idea!!)


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