photos from our ceremony

Here is another slideshow of Abu's photos; this time from the ceremony.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Before the ceremony started, Lawrance lowered my veil.

  • Seating of the family included his maternal grandmother, "big uncle" and aunt, and his mom

  • His dad walked me down the aisle.

  • We had two missionary friends officiate--Mike (from America) and Jonathan (from Malaysia)

  • I choose to walk 7 circles around Lawrance at the beginning of the ceremony (a Jewish tradition symbolizing that, as his wife, my life revolves around his)

  • Then, he rolled the veil (again, I wanted to see during the 2 hour ceremony, but I knew the veil was important to him)

  • During the charge to the couple, Mike shared the Gospel clearly and succinctly using a wedding as an analogy.  It was GREAT!!

  • We tied the Cord of Three Stands again

  • We also washed each others feet (symbolizing servant leadership and mutual submission)

  • We used the same vows, but this time we each only used our own heart language

  • Lawrance sang a solo to me right after our vows (it was great!!)

  • There were five different songs in the middle of the ceremony (so we sat down)

  • I cried again during the vows . . . but this time for different reasons. :) 

I fell deeper in love with my husband as a direct result of celebrating our marriage in front of new witnesses.   However, I did tell him that although I love him deeply, I will not marry him again. ;)

After we talked, trying to compare our two weddings, Lawrance and I concluded that it must be kind of like having two children and trying to choose which one you love the most . . . it is impossible.


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