3 days from now

We will be celebrating again our marriage this Saturday  . . . some things are very similar to the American ceremony, and some things are quite different.

I'll write more later . . . but for now I just wanted to show you the outside of the building that we are borrowing for the ceremony. 



  1. How exciting :) Praying that your '2nd' wedding will be as happy and blessed as the first!

  2. Dear Amanda
    I'm so sorry that I can't be there, but I really want to be there!
    please forgive me.
    I wish you happly 4ever!!!
    and my English not getting better and better~ha!!!
    Love you~~
    Amy Niu:)

  3. Wow!! My prayers are with your as your 2nd Weddings *but NOT 2nd marriage* goes smoothly. Will your parents be there?? Soo exciting. Will there be a 2nd Honeymoon? Hehehehe

  4. Ahhhhh . . . we (I) will miss you. :(
    But its ok. There will be more times in the future for us to get together.
    with much love,
    amanda :)


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