after the ceremony

Traditionally family photos are taken after weddings in Taiwan.  Traditionally the bride and groom sit down front and center, and the most important people in the family then sit beside them.  With others filling in behind. 

They usually look something like this:

groom's family

or like this:

Lydia's Engagement Cermony

At the church weddings I've been to here in Taiwan.  After the family photos there is then time for photos with different groups of classmates and friends.  Bride and groom stay put, guests fill in the spaces and photos are taken.

For a plethora of reasons (namely we are fun-loving Lawrance and Amanda, our photograph liked to have fun, and we were a bit rushed for time) our group photo shots are a bit more . . . um  . . .  well . . .  "lively" than your typical Taiwanese wedding. :) 

See for yourself in another slideshow from Abu's photos below:


  1. LOVE the pics! And standing up is such a better idea. We sat down for most of our pics, the cremlin poked out from underneath my dress. Thankfully it wasn't too obvious ... Oh and about the name thing (referring to your post on my blog) ... I changed my middle name to my maiden name, so I went from "Lisa Ann Holl" to "Lisa Holl Chang." The Chinese one ... I'm basically keeping my old Chinese name (I really like it) ... and adding "Chang" to the front if I feel like it. Peter's been quite unsupportive of me changing my English name actually ... because he thinks it's a whole bunch of mafan. But I still am going to anyway ... have you gotten around to changing your documents yet?

  2. After our American wedding, we had about 10 days in America. So, we
    honeymooned and came back. We didn't get the marriage license back in the
    time frame, so I was unable to do anything in person in the States. And,
    I've not taken the time to figure out how to do it from afar.
    So, in short, no I've not started yet. :)

  3. I ***love*** the photo of you two smooching with everyone surrounding you. :) Looks like ***everyone*** had a splendid time!


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