thru my windows (Part 4)

Although the views from my classrooms and office are wonderful, the view from the windows in my home are a little  . . . well, they remind me that I live on a tiny, over-populated island.  Below are the views from my living room and my bedroom windows, that's right, as my guest, you actually have the best view of all from the windows in my home!

thru my living room window

thru my bedroom window

Oh, how observant of you--that's right.  That is a street lamp right there outside my bedroom window!  And, no, it doesn't keep me up at night because I have bamboo shades that keep out ALL light!  But, thanks for asking and being concerned!

**UPDATED to ADD** The "bars" on the windows box in the window ledges.  I have two theories as to why they so many home here have them.  Theory one: they extend the "space" of the house--many people keep plants or hang clothes to dry in these spaces.  Theory two: when you live so close to your neighbors, it would be very easy for a theif to jump on to your (al beit) small balcony and then climb in thru the window--the bars/wire grid prevents this from happening.  All grids on my windows and laundry porch do however have another little "window" with hinges that supposedly open if unlocked (but, I've never actually tried).  Interesting, huh?


  1. I guess one gets used to almost anything... but those bars seem horrible to me - like sitting in a prison! I don't like even the regular shades Mr Right always pulls down in the kitchen window - I want open, clear windows!

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  3. What a great series! I love seeing your makes me miss the sites of Asia! We had bars on our laundry porch in all of our apartments, but not on our front porches.

  4. What if there is a fire? Do you have a fire escape?

  5. How long would it take you to unscrew one of those panels and shimmy down the light post?

  6. Hi, enjoyed your theme and feel inspired do something similar.
    We're in south Africa and all of our windows and doors have 'burglar bars', it's amazing how quickly you get used to them and no longer see them. Our 4 year old like to climb up them!
    Enjoying your Blog.


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