living my dream (aka: doing my man's laundry)

Grade Summer vacation is not here for me quite yet.  Grades are due this Friday.  And, Lawrance just started working full time two weeks ago (YAY!!  PTL for his new promotion from part-time teacher to director of the English program!!) .

Everyone keeps asking me what I'm doing for my summer break.  I reply "just being a housewife." 

Without exception every Taiwanese friend, student, and stranger I've had this conversation with then expresses their sympathies for me, trying to cheer me up.

What they don't realize is that I need no cheering up.  I am SO looking forward to the month of July where I get to be a full time housewife for the first time in my life.  I've already enjoyed these past two weeks of laundry and washing dishes . . . it's so much easier and more enjoyable when I can do it during my day as time allows and as my work for the day rather than as a chore I must squeeze in before going to work.

They don't get it.

 I don't know.  Maybe you won't either . . . maybe you think, "silly girl, wait to you've done ten (twenty, thirty) years of your man's dirty laundry--then we'll talk about the 'joy' you have then."

washing our dishesThey also worry about me being lonely being home alone all day.  How could I possibly look forward to being home alone all day with nothing to do but take care of the home? 

Depending on the situation and/or depth of the relationship, I will remind them that not too long ago I was living alone all day everyday.  Now, I have someone to anticipate coming home to me.  Now, I get to eagerly wait for him to call me and return back to me.  It's WAY better than living alone 24/7. 

 And, crazy as it may sound, it is way more fun to clear the table, change the sheets, dust the furniture, or what-have-you when I know I am blessing someone else.  When it was just me living here . . . OH it was SO miserable "keeping house." 

I hated it with a passion. 

I secretly wondered if I'd even make a good wife.  My married friends were able to manage their households of 3 or 4 or 5 . . . . and me?  well, I was struggling with my little household of 1.  :( 

I know I wouldn't score perfectly in housekeeping 101 (I thank God my hubby is so patient and understanding), but I do know (again, crazy as it may sound) keeping house is a lot more fun and rewarding and joyful when I'm not the only one making the messes. ;)

So, yes, I totally look forward to a "boring" summer of being a stay-at-home wife.  I'll be honest: it almost feels as if I get to "play" at being a house keeping wife.  doing his laundryI'm all giddy and happy about it.  Is it weird that I feel that way?

And, actually, it feels like I'm getting to live my dream.  For the latter half of my 20's I dreamed about being married . . . I longed to have someone's socks to wash and underwear to fold.  

Speaking of . . . I think there's a basket a clean laundry awaiting me in the other room right now as I speak!


  1. May it ever be, Amanda!

  2. I totally understand. I don't think it's weird at all! So, do you think you'll become a housewife permanently anytime in the future?

  3. This is beautiful! There are seasons of life. And you have the wonderful gift of enjoying each one to its fullest. Smart, smart girl, Amanda.
    I have the heritage of a grandfather who died young (soon after I was born). His wife, my grandmother, was always too busy with laundry, cooking, etc. to stop and go fishing or just sit and talk. She regretted that busy-ness when he died so young. Point is, it was ingrained in me to appreciate each and every opportunity and not to wish life away by despising the blessing right in front of you.
    You seem to understand this lesson!
    I remember one day when my infant Sprite was screaming and I couldn't calm her. I put her safely in her crib and sat on the porch and cried. But I gave a prayer of thanksgiving for even that moment. I told Dad that I wanted to cherish each and every moment, even that one. It's one of those pivotal parenting moments for me. I cringe when I hear people talk about "when the kids are grown we can..." What about NOW? Enjoy each and every moment while you have it.
    Sorry. I'm seriously rambling. I need to blog this! :-)


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