answer to the "guess what"

As Mrs. Happy Housewife guessed from some great observation . . he was waiting for a hair cut!!

Here is the ticket that the machine gave us . . . the store is called "Just Cut House" because all they do is cut hair--no washing, no styling, noting else but cutting.


And here is a before and after. :)

before after :)

As Lisa mentioned, it is really simple--at first she trimmed him up, but then I told him just go for it and get it buzzed all over.  It's perfect for summer time. :)

And do you know what!!  My man has curly hair too!!  Granted not nearly as tight a curl as mine, but there is some definate curl going on there.  Too cute!!

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  1. I guessed it? Yay!
    Lawrance looks very different with a short cut. My husband does, too. I've been using a cutting kit and we're saving a ton of money with me cutting his hair and our son's. Come to think of it, I'm cutting all our hair now. I'm no Vidal Sassoon, but I think I cut as well as the $10 salons.


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