guess what he's waiting for

Sunday evening at about 9 pm, after visiting with Law's parents, we stopped by the grocery store for some milk and chocolate ice cream (basic necessities, you know).  After walking into the grocery store, Law saw this and just had to stop and get in line. 

He put 100 NT (about 3 US dollars) into the machine and it gave him a ticket with a number.  So, can you guess what he prepaid for?  Why is he waiting in line? 


By the way, the red light means wait time will be 15 min, yellow means wait time will be between 5-10 minutes, and green light means no wait necessay.  I think we waited about 3-5 minutes . . . not too bad for a Sunday night! :)


  1. I have NO idea. Hmmmmm. Looking forward to reading other people's guesses!

  2. The doctor? Whatever's behind the glass could be a waiting room? (I'm just blindly guessing here.)

  3. I see combs and scissors on the ticket machine. Is he waiting for a haircut?

  4. I know I know! It's the 100 NT haircut. My husband got a couple of them, until I complained enough that he finally stopped. All they do is put a clipper to the head, and finish in three minutes. It's crazy (and cheap :P)!

  5. Mrs. Happy Housewife got it right!! Good observation! :)
    And, Lisa who, of course, lives here filled us in on the rest of the details. :)
    Since there was no one else in line, she actually cut his hair twice. At first, she just trimmed it, but then we told her we wanted all the hair gone. . . so then came the "clippers in the head." :)
    It's weird paying a vending machine for a hair cut! :)


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