a surprise gift

our surprise gift

There is a eighty year old man at our church who is a master calligrapher.  He has gifted several of members of our church with calligraphy. 

We were his latest recipients.  He gave us this print that is 1 Corinthians 13.   

He told us that he gave us this artwork because (1) he sits behind us in church and enjoys seeing us arm and arm and (2) I have good English (I wonder why?? *smile*).

We've been told that this print is worth as much or more than our new fridge!!  And it (the calligraphy, not the fridge) was just given to us folded in a brown envelope!  WOW!!! :)

Lawrance and I got it framed last week, and then Law hung it up in our living room this week.  Law enjoys doing calligraphy himself; and, he absolutely loves our new living room art work.

We are SO blessed!

our new painting


  1. It's beautiful! What a gift!!

  2. Wow - this IS beautiful! I'm so wishing for one myself! But then I lucked out on having a master photographer (OK just a hobbyist, but her pics are amazing) be my "Taiwan mom" who loves to give them to me - framed. So in our living room hangs this huge amazing picture of dawn at Sun Moon Lake, in a hallway is a picture of these two beautiful white flowers, and my favorite, a picture of a pink peony against a black background (the peony seems so real it seams to pop out of the frame) above the master bed. The first one was a wedding gift, the second two were because she "felt like it."

  3. Yep, I am now officially envious of you and your relationship with your
    Taiwan mom! ;)
    Those sound like awesome gifts! :)

  4. Hey,
    I wanna see these pictures!!! :)

  5. That is awesome! Love teh frame too. How do you get your pictures onto that nice background?

  6. If you mean the purple "paper" with string and flowers . . . I am starting
    to play around with digital scrapbooking. I'm not doing anything major with
    it yet; just trying to play around and learn the software better for now.

  7. That is beautiful! I love it. . .I am going to email you soon to ask you a few questions about gifts and gift-giving in Taiwan.

  8. Wow! We are a bit familiar with calligraphy from our Chinese friends here in Rhode Island! And that truly is a nice gift! :)

  9. Cool!!
    My husband told me that one of the reasons it was worth so much is that the
    calligrapher puts all of his body into printing each character . . . that it
    is in no way equivalent to "writing." Hard to imagine.

  10. Ok!!! Send them on!! :) I'll try my best to give you some helpful answers.
    amanda :)


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