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31st Birthday

Mint Chocolate Birthday CakeI made the traditional birthday cake for my mom's side of the family.  It is a peppermint cake.  It is really easy--add a few drops of green food coloring and a 1 teaspoon of peppermint oil to "white" or plain cake batter.  Layer with chocolate frosting and crushed peppermints.  DELICIOUS!!!

But . . .  there was one huge disappointment . . . the "peppermints" I bought here in Taiwan had some extra "flavor" (menthol).  That's just not right on a birthday cake!! :)

My birthday present was the purse sitting behind the flowers . . . I got to pick  it out. 

And, on the Saturday before my birthday, Lawrance came home with the flowers.  At that time all the lilies were closed.  It was fun watching them one by one throughout the week.  He is SO thoughtful!! :)



My Birthday Flowers

And, Lawrance took me out to a stake place called "Tasty."  They have a set meal that is 7 courses--for most of the courses you get to choose between 2 or 3 items.  It was very nice! 

I think they have some of the best wait staff in Taiwan. 

Not all of the courses and also not in the correct order, but to give you the basic idea . . .
Tasty 西堤牛排

Maybe not the best dessert they have but definitely the coolest (as in most unique) is a fried chocolate wanton that you break and pour over vanilla ice cream.  Then you get to eat the rest of the fried chocolate wanton.

Chocolate wanton with ice cream


  1. Happy birthday, Amanda! It looks like you were royally spoiled! (Great job, Lawrance!) Your cake looks gorgeous, and I know what you mean about menthol. Have you ever bought what you thought was plain old water and instead it turned out to be menthol flavored water? Oh, it's quite a shock. BLECK.

  2. I was!!
    I've never experienced menthol water . . . but can only imagine.
    The only flavor of menthol free gum that is also sugar free I can find here
    is cantaloupe flavored. That just gets old after awhile.

  3. ~ Happy birthday to you. ~ Happy birthday to you. ~ Happy birthday, dear Amanda. ~ Happy birthday to you! ~ Kevin, Sarah, and Hannah Claire Ching-Ling

  4. Happy birthday Amanda! I wish you the best and may you share *many* more birthdays with Lawrance! ~Kevin

  5. Happy birthday! That chocolate wonton looks sooooo good! And it's nice having the most wonderful person in your life giving you all his attention for a day, or even a few days, eh? :)

  6. Thanks Lisa! Yes, it is nice to be pampered. :)

  7. Happy Birthday! I will have to try to make some Chocolate Wonton's now they look so good! Actually everything pictured does.

  8. Happy Birthday, Amanda! Thanks for sharing your day with us. Did your parents come to visit?

  9. Thanks, Rose.
    No, my parents have never come to Taiwan. Maybe one day . . .


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