lawrance cooks on fridays

Lawrance Cooks on FridaysWe both work mostly in the afternoon and evening--somewhere between 3-9ish.  So, we usually have our mornings together, so our "big meal" is lunch time.  Monday to Thursday I do the cooking, but since I have class on Friday mornings, Lawrance has been cooking on Fridays recently.

When we married he could fry an egg and boil instant noodles. 

Law's mother is an excellent cook, and she prepares three meals a day every day.  They hardly ever ate out.  Moreover, she grows her own vegetables organically.  Very healthy, very frugal.  (Confession: this knowledge kinda scared me after I found out . .. I knew I'd never be able to live up to that.)

Anywho, one day he got the random idea to call her and ask how to make shrimp and fried eggs.  Then he started playing around with other dishes. 

Let's just say . . . I'm blessed. :)  I always look forward to lunch on Fridays.

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  1. Mmmmmm... in the city of little eats, I think I'd choose to eat at home with Lawrence on Fridays. Looks yummy!

  2. To help him feel at home whenever you guys visit, he can continue that new tradition here! The food looks YUM-MEEE!!

  3. hmm . . . we'll have to see about that.
    I actually told him the other day that if we only get two weeks in the
    States then we are not eating any chinese food there AT ALL!
    We might be able to make an exception so that we can cook for yall. That
    means I need to draw your name for Christmas so I can bring you a good wok
    and some Chinese sauces.

  4. I'm sure I can arrange for that to happen!! (I like that idea!!) Don't forget to include some of his mom's recipes, too!!

  5. Looks so good, that's a blessing that Lawrence's mom cooks each meal each day. I'm working on doing the same at least most of the time. Spend way too much money going out to eat and actually enjoy cooking. But it can be tough due to schedules.

  6. Being able to establish a cooking routine is NOT easy. Lawrance and I have
    been trying for about a full month now to plan meals, shop and cook . . . we
    get it right only about 75% of the time. The learning curve is steep, but
    thankfully my new husband is VERY patient!! :)


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