oreo cookie kisses

Our photographer took some really fun photos with me and some of my family.  Since they were all in black and me in white . . . I nicknamed these photos "oreo cookie kisses."


Oreo kisses!!

Of course with my grandmothers, they would be pink oreos.  Come on NeeNee, you can make it!!


Waiting for Mom Sarah gets a head start.

sarah kisses me. :)

And I love these next two of me and my dad.  I always loved the photo of mom and grandpa hanging in Grandmother's hallway.  I thought it was a such a sweet photo.  I loved it so much she actually gave it to me a few years ago.  Now I have my own to hang next to hers. 

Daddy and Daughter

dad and me

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  1. I stopped by as I was browsing some blogs and I just wanted to let you know that those pictures are beautiful! You were such a beautiful bride and I love your smile in each of the pics! :)
    Congratulations on your marriage!


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