honoring grandparents


In Chinese culture, respecting ancestors and elders is important.  So, Lawrance wanted my grandparents to be an important part of our wedding.  He wanted to find a way to honor them in our wedding.

So, we asked my grandparents to read 1 John 4:7-21.  PawPaw, my paternal grandfather read the first seven verses, and my maternal grandmother read the last seven verses.

Amanda's Wedding 013My maternal grandparents were married for over sixty years before my grandfather passed away.  And my paternal grandparents have been married for over fifty years.  What a blessing to hear two people I love and admire SO much--who all have and still do play a very important part in my life--read scripture about love at our wedding!




  1. Our culture really could pick up on the culture of honouring the wider family. I never knew one of my grandfathers. The other died when I was about 8 (I think). My dearl loved Nana died when I was 14/15- Although my wedding was 6 years later, I missed her a lot then. My grandma is still alive and lives with my aunt and I was pleased to have her at my wedding. Think she is a bit different to your grandmas though!

  2. What a wonderful thing to do. I am blessed to have both sets of grandparents and am very close to my maternal grandparents. We were also so blessed to have my husband's paternal grandparents together for 4 years of our marriage and his grandfather for 7. Their memories are such blessings to us.

  3. WOW! I haven't stopped by here in MONTHS! CONGRATS!!!! Your wedding was absolutely beautiful and honoring your grandparents was a wonderful idea!

    Have a blessed weekend!


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