glimpses from my journal: jan 20-22, 08

Jan. 20, 2008
"In just a few moments I will be leaving to go on my first date with Lawrance.  I am excited, nervous, happy.

"Father, you be in control.  Help me to reign in my emotions.  Please be glorified in our relationship where it leads.  Be Lord of it all.

"Help me to trust you as the author of my love life.  Help me to handle his heart with care.  Give me wisdom and discernment--and him too.  Give him the guts to lead and give him the wisdom and strength to do what is right and good and pure.

"Thank you so much for this chance.  Thank you for how you've changed in the past year.  I look forward to growing closer to you than ever before.  Be glorified!!"


first dateJan. 22, 2008
"Well, our first date went well.  I really like Lawrance.  I want
the whole process of dating him to go well--smoothly.  I want him to be
'the one.'  He was so nervous, but that just made it all the more
sweet, cute. 

. . .

"Father, I relinquish this
relationship to you.  I want it to honor you and bring you glory.  Even
though waiting will be hard for me . . . I trust completely your
timing.  You truly are a good God . . . a kind God.  I ask that you
give Lawrance wisdom and discernment.  I pray you speak right to his
heart.  . . . let him have ears that hear you.  . . . Grow us closer to
both each other and you.  And most of all . . . please be glorified in
our lives and in our relationship. 

"Thank you for placing us together in a way only you could.  You are so good!!"

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