glimpses from my journal: jan 1, 08

I've decided to let you inside my journal writings from the past few months.   Of course you are only getting the glimpses and snippets--full text viewing is strictly forbidden. :)

And, just a small warning  . . . I was utterly head over heels in love--you will see that in my writing.  It was a very, very fun and exciting time.  This first journal entry was just some of my "new year thoughts" that are fun to read now that we know there is going to be a wedding on the last day of August of this year. :)


Jan 1, 2008
". . . There is so much I long to do, want to do, would love to see happen this year.  Desire.  Longing.  Hope.  It would be amazing to end 2008 as a wife.  That seems too good to be true to actually happen.  Could it?  Can it?

. . .

Father, I entrust you with all that I am.  I have no clue what the future might hold . . . but because you are in charge, I am hopeful and excited.  You fulfill me and satisfy.  You surprise me with your generosity and kindness.  I don't deserve any of it and yet still you give and give and give.  What a wonderful God you are! . . ."


  1. Amanda,
    I just *had* to comment on your Jan 1 entry. In January 1996, I wrote almost the exact same words...I wrote about being married by December 31, 1996. And I married Brad Dec 21, 1996. :)
    When I wrote that in January, I couldn't begin to imagine the amazing tapestry the Lord was working on! I had casually met Brad, but dating him was nowhere on my radar. And look at us now 11 1/2 years and 4 kids later... :)
    Imagine yourself in 11 1/2 years with Lawrence by your side. God is indeed generous and kind.

  2. Oh Amanda! THANK YOU for giving us a *glimpse* into your journal entries in which you poured your heart out to God!! Praise HIM for the work He has and continues to do!

  3. I'm reading the entries backwards:) Also wanted to comment on what a blessing it is to see how you've penned what you felt, but ultimately prayed God's will. That's something that's noted on this end:)


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