a fortune teller

On Sat. night Lawrance's mom along with her mom and some of her sisters met with a fortune teller.

Of course high on Lawrance's mom's list of things to talk about was the impending marriage of her son. 

fortune teller told her that Lawrance and I would have a very happy
marriage.  That things would just get better and better.  He also
predicted that by the end of next year we'd have a daughter--he was
afraid to tell her this since most Chinese women want sons before
daughters.  He wasn't sure if the daughter would be born by the end of
next year or just that we'd be pregnant.  He also told her that even
though at the beginning of our marriage we'd be tight on money, in a
few years it wouldn't be a problem.

Lawrance asked me to tell you all this so that you can be praying for us. 

might have already told you that Lawrance's sister saw the two of us
together in a vision before she even knew Lawrance had a girlfriend. 

There is definite spiritual warfare going on in his family.  Please pray for us and for them. 

Thanks much,
amanda :)

(Originally posted on June 9, 2008.)

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