fun with my camera on a stick

I've been using the xshot (a telescoping camera extension thingee) all of you helped me to win quite a bit recently.  I keep it and my camera always in my purse. 

Whenever I get it out to use, my friends are amazed and very intrigued.  It makes picture taking fun.  It has also attracted quite a few funny looks from passersby.

I use it in two basic ways.  One, we either are just totally random, set the timer, push the shutter button, extend the camera and wait.  Or in the other way, I will use it more like a tripod--let my friend hold it while I set the timer and make sure everyone is inside, then press the shutter button and run to get inside the photo too.

The only complaint I have with my xshot is that sometimes the telescoping parts get stuck inside the other telescoping parts.  Maybe I should try some WD-40 on it. 

Anyway, just thought I'd say thank you once again to all of you who helped me to win this really cool gadget.  I enjoy being able to use it. :)

Below are a few of the photos I've taken using my nifty little xshot.

using the xshot


  1. Happy Easter Amanda -
    I have to know what kind of camera you have? Your pictures are so nice and clear.

  2. How very cool. Thanks for sharing! I had no idea such a handy little thing existed. It's not very expensive either. I put it on my wish list. It is a must next time I go traveling.

  3. Happy Easter to you too. . . .although it is now Monday here. :)
    I have a Sony T9. Before that I had a Sony Cybershot. I've always been very pleased my with my Sony digital cameras.


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