Easter eggs and birthday brownies

Dying Easter Eggs

JulieLast Saturday, Karen and Christine, my little neighbor friends, came over to dye Easter eggs with me!  It was their first time to do so (that they can remember). 

Julie, a young lady I meet with for worship (photo on left), also joined us for egg dying creativity.

My friends are SO creative.  Just look as some of the fun eggs they made!!

easter eggs


With_christine_at_2That same day also happened to be Christine's 11th birthday!!  So, I made her some birthday brownies and used some of the candles I'd brought from America.  (Here birthday cakes only have candles with numbers.)

I've known Christine since she was only two years old.  It's been fun to watch her grow and change . . . she is so full of life and energy.  I love being around her!!

Happy Birthday, Christine!!

Yay!!  Happy Birthday, Christine!!

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