room with a view (part 2)

After showing you what I can see from our home, I thought I'd show you what I can see from one of the rooms where I have class twice a week.  We meet in the 9th floor of the "E building. Buildings here in Taiwan are often "lettered."

Tall building to the far right is Dorm #6, while the other building, considerable shorter, on the far left is another dorm. The "track and field" is between these two dorms.  The "street" down the middle of the photo is one of the main walkways through the campus.
STUT--View from my classroom

In this photo you can see the N building (short), the T building (tall), and the school's gym/auditorium.  My office and some of the language labs I teach in are in the N building.  I also have class twice a week over in the T building.
STUT--View from my classroom

And, here is part of the soccer field, one of the campus buildings, and the city beyond the campus.
STUT--View from my classroom


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