it's been awhile


About seven months ago, our blog was hacked.  It was the middle of the semester, and I didn't have the time to figure it out and restore everything, so I just let it go.  And, even though facebook allows me to keep up with friends and family, on occasion I still missed blogging .

So, I decided to relocate our blog once again--away from a platform that requires constant attention to keep hackers at bay and free.  Hopefully, this will be it's final final home.  I'm not sure how frequently we'll blog, but I do imagine it will be somewhere between less than once a day and more than once every six months. :D

I had all the posts and comments up to 2009 backed up, but I had to copy and paste all the posts from 2010 from my google reader's stored memory of the old blog, which means we lost all comments for 2010.

And, while all the posts have migrated over to this new blog's URL, I've not messed with pages or the sidebars yet.  That will come in due time.


  1. Hi guys, glad to see you have the blog up and running! Facebook is kind of replacing blogging, but I've been trying to keep mine up as well. While blogger doesn't have as much flexibility as your own page, hopefully it will keep you safe from hackers!!! Char

  2. When blogging was a hobby and I was doing it on a very regular basis, I could justify the few dollars a month for entertainment. But now that I'm not blogging as much, it's hard to justify. Plus, paying for something that became stressful wasn't worth it either.

    And, yes, facebook does replace blogging in some ways, but not all . . . :D


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