house hunting rejects

First, thanks for the feedback earlier this week.  We appreciate it!!

Second, Lawrance and I are praying about moving, and so I spent yesterday afternoon looking through some apartments online.

It’s kinda of fun being able to do this a husband.  It was always just stressful before. Also, I’m thankful we found an online site to peruse first to see what is out there before we go looking in person.

Here is what we have decided we are looking for:
  • around 25-35 ping (approx 890-1,250 sq feet)
  • 3 “bedrooms”
  • functioning kitchen (providing our own stove top & gas is ok, but we don’t want to have to provide counters, cabinets, and sinks)
  • not top floor of apartment building (too hot to cool down)
  • if higher than 4th floor, an elevator would be nice
  • allows pets
  • no or little furniture included (specifically, I want to bring our own mattresses, our own fridge, and our own washing machine–other than that I’m quite flexible)
Things  that make the apartment more attractive to us but are not necessary:
  • ceiling fan(s)
  • a bath tub (Amanda’s choice)
  • elevator (Lawrance’s choice)
  • location (close to subway, school/parks, a market)
  • more than the standard tiny Taiwanese kitchen
  • wooden floor room (we think this would be a great place to have groups over for worship since they’d feel comfortable sitting on a wooden floor*)
There are several we rejected for various reasons, but I thought I’d show you some of the more “interesting” rejects. (Images can be clicked to be viewed full size.)

This is not the reason this one got rejected, but it is definantly a "half bath" ;) This would be an example of a "non-functioning kitchen" Again not the reason why rejected . . . but this kitchen so totally would need a Hello Kitty Theme. ;) Now, this one looks ok small, but I don't think I could last very long in this apartment due to the effect the wallpaper has on me. Come down 3 stairs and then up a flight--huh? Tiles on bedroom walls is not an immediate reject, but dark green ones? Yes.
*Outside shoes are taken off at the door, and slippers worn inside.  But even slippers get taken off before entering a room with a wooden floor.  Making it the “cleanest” floor in the home.

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