fighting hard water build up

In Taiwan–at least here in Tainan–we have really bad hard water problems.

I hate that our bathroom looks dirty from all our stuff being coated in hard water deposits.  This weekend, I decided to fight back.

I was actually avoiding using some of my special stuff from the States (gotta love the USA’s outlet stores!! yipee!!) because it just made me feel gross to touch a bottle covered in hard water grime.   I know that at the time I was doing it Lawrance thought I was crazy to even attempt to “clean” bottles of soap, but he did appreciate the effect clean bottles had on the “appearance of clean” in our shower–at least that’s what he told me. ;)
So here is what I did:
  1. Emptied out our bathroom’s shower stuff
  2. Filled a spray bottle with lemon juice*
  3. Sprayed down our bottles with it
  4. Used paper towels and elbow grease to rub them down
Now, they aren’t perfect, but I’m happy. :D

*Apparently you can also use vinegar to remove hard water build up, but I opted for lemon juice since it smells better.

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