simple pleasures

not really like this in taiwan, but still it was COLDTuesday night, I needed to run an errand for my husband.

It was COLD, and I was going by moped which makes it even COLDER. 

At first, I wanted to grumble, "I don't wanna go back out on this cold night . . . . yada, yada, yada." 

As I slipped on HIS jacket and HIS face mask (to keep mouth and nose warm while mopeding), it felt wonderful. 

My feelings quickly changed to gratefulness; instead of reluctant willingness I experienced simple pleasure.  It felt great!!

Being able to wear my HUSBAND's jacket to go do an errand for my HUSBAND.  What a blessed girl I am!


  1. Wow!!! Was is that snowy? How fun! What a sweet wife you are! ;) Blessings!

  2. Blessed or not, that is one crazy photo. I don't know if I could venture out in that. LOL :)

  3. The photo really freaked me out! I'm like, WOAH! NO WAY did it snow like that in Tainan!" And then I clicked on the photo and read the caption... hahaha.

  4. WHATTT!!! Okay... 1st I thought that can't be snow in Taiwan... then I thought that doesn't look like your moped... then I saw the license plate on the car in the background and knew it wasn't your pic as they don't even have that kind of license plate in your country... so haha good one!! But Lawrance is very blessed to have you run out in the cold! And I am so glad you have a nice warm husbands jacket and mask!!!

  5. I should have made a disclaimer in the post . . . but I thought my mouse over on the photo was enough. :) Guess not.

  6. Amen! What a great way to think about it. It's wonderful to HAVE a husband to love on and serve. =) I needed this reminder too, thanks Amanda for sharing! =)


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