celebrating our marriage . . . again!!

We've got 47 days till our Taiwanese marriage covenant ceremony.  And, thus, we begin planning another wedding.  :)

In some ways it will be similar to our American ceremony and in other ways it will be very different. 

We've asked three different groups to sing at our Taiwanese ceremony.

Here is the song one group has chosen to sing. (We decided to let each group choose the song they wanted to sing.)

愛是不保留(wedding version)

I love their choice!! (The version here is in Cantonese, but I'm pretty sure they will sing in Mandarin.  Not that it really makes that big of a difference to my non-Taiwanese readers.)

As things fall into place, it is becoming more exciting and less stressful for both of us.

Literal translation of the song title: "Love Does Not Hold Back" or "Love With No Reservation" or "Unreserved Love"

A translation of the non-wedding version of the song I found online:

I've always been told, love won't endure.
Nowhere can one find love long and true.
The world just thinks love comes and passes through.
“Don't make promises” is the rule...

But I still believe love can last.
Your unfailing love has made me strong.
You are there when I needed you more.
Come what may, you'll love me all along!

Who died on the cross and took away my curse?
Great is your love, I don't think I should deserve.
Your bleeding hands proved your love unreserved.
You're my only joy and treasure on the earth...

Giving everything to you is all I pray.
Use my life to serve you truly every day.
I'll hold your hands and give you all my praise.
Let the whole world know your love and grace!

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  1. What a sweet song. You're very much loved. :)


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