horseback riding

Riding Horses

An important thing to do while in Texas: ride a horse. 

Some of our friends that we worship with (their two little girls are some of my "little friends" and will be junior bridesmaids in our wedding) own and board horses.  So, we made a deal--let us babysit your kids so yall can go on a date and in return let us ride your horses. 

It was wonderful.  We loved the horse riding and the babysitting too. :)  Lawrance had difficulty getting on the hose, and I had trouble getting off.  Needless to say there was lots of laughter going on all night.

Riding Horses

hidler kids
p.s. bug on tongue is plastic.  :)


  1. Fun times, riding horses. I still haven't done that as an adult. The bug on the tongue about made me ill. . . good thing to know it's plastic. LOL

  2. i am incredibly thankful that you mentioned that bug was plastic because i was just thinking how incredibly disgusting that was!!!!
    all the best for the weekend...thinking of you...

  3. Horses! Yes! I love them - and so do my girls. They started riding in April - and I followed their example in June. Horseback riding every Monday :) And in a couple of weeks we'll go and try "western riding" - a bit like the cowboys do! Lot of laughter happens also when I'm riding. And to me too the worst part is trying to get off of the horse :D
    Oh and the puppy - it's one of my very favourite breeds! He's so cute...
    You're counting the days already... The Big Day comes VERY soon! Exciting!

  4. I didn't ride the horse when I was there >


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