10 days till wedding . . .

Today marks ten days till the wedding . . . on one hand it seems so right and on the other it just seems so crazy.  God is good. 

I'm enjoying all the time Lawrance and I've been having with each other and with my family.  I've not let myself think about wedding at all since he got here--besides getting tuxes, rings, and license within the first two days of his arrival.  But, yesterday mom and I went to pick up the dress.  Things are starting to feel more and more final/real . . . and that is good. 

I know the next ten days are going to fly by . . . oh we are going to have FUN!!  I'll fill you all in on all the details once we are back in Taiwan, and I promise (Lord willing) to share lots of photos. :)

1 comment:

  1. sooo exciting. . . it's coming down to the last few precious days! Continue to keep us updated!!


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