help name my parents

Ok, so they both already have real names. :)  What we'd like help with is their "grandparent" names. 

My dad suggested awhile back I ask my blog readers for some ideas--kinda like I did with my dog a few years back.  So . . . what do you call your grandparents or what do your grandchildren call you?  Or, have you heard of something cute and creative someone uses?

I'm pretty sure they've decided not to go with classic "grandma" and "grandpa."  They want something a bit more "fun."  Because . . . hey, they are!

So, please comment and help my parents name themselves.


  1. Hmmm! My nephews called them "Gram" and "Pop-Pop" - even when they were big enough to do better.
    BTW what happened to the Carnival of Beauty? I've been absent from the blogosphere for a while, but I loved that carnival.

  2. We have three sets of grandparents for our kiddos and some picked names for themselves before the kids could talk and some waited to see what they would be named as the girls learned to talk. We have... Pappy, Grammy, Ma, Granddaddy, and a traditional Grandma. I think the most special though is Ma and Granddaddy as the kids came up with that themselves. Are your parents willing to wait to see what they might be called?

  3. Here are my suggestions: Nana, MiMi, Pops, PawPaw.
    On a side note - my mom started out wanting to be called Nana, but my nephew started calling her MiMi and it stuck!

  4. I named my paternal grandparents. My grandmother wanted to be called Granny. But it came out NeeNee and that is what she called to this day. Gramps became PawPaw. So, yes, we know how endearing it is to have grandchildren "name" the grandparents.
    But, my mom's sisters all encouraged her to go ahead and pick something first. So maybe the whole Nana to MiMi thing would be ok with them.
    Thanks for all the ideas so far!!

  5. I used to call one set my grandparents Nan-nu and Non-nu. And the other set Mee-maw and Poppy. My nephew calls my parents Mee-maw and Pee-paw. Love your hair by the way!


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