happy chinese new year!!!

Chinese New Year Candy

Happy Year of the Rat!! 

This photo above was taken at the day market on the morning of Chinese New Year's Eve a few years ago. During the Chinese New Year time, every store sets out candy and every home has a tray of candy set out for guests.

Perhaps it is to wish friends and neighbors a sweet year--that's just a random guess on my part. :)

(I'll try to share some more Chinese New Year traditions with you next week.)

Here are some more photos of Chinese New Year candy for sale.  Some are in the shape of firecrackers, some in the shape of an ancient weight for currency, and some look like Chinese lanterns.

Chinese New Year Candies

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  1. I LOVE the candy shaped like Chinese lanters. Too Cute!!! I think I would buy some just to look at! I'm loving these posts on CNY. Keep 'em coming, please! :)


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