one of my students sings on tv

On March 19 of this year, one of my students (whose English name is Rachel) appeared on TV to sing a song as part of a contest show. 

You can watch her in the following youtube video and see a little of Taiwan TV culture at the same time. :)  She even gives an acapella encore.  And the audience even claimes to get "chicken skin" or as we say in English "goose bumps."

She has an awesome singing voice in my unbiased opinion.


  1. I didn't understand A WORD, but she has a beautiful voice.

  2. I guess I kinda take that for granted now. :)
    I thought about translating at least parts of it, but didn't really have the time.

  3. Tell Rachel that this Texan missionary living in Ecuador also got "chicken skin" listening to her beautiful voice! I hope she won the contest! And yes, it is interesting observing some of the delightful Chinese youth culture as depicted in the way the program is presented.

  4. Amanda, she sounds pretty amazing!

  5. Wow, she is talented! I just understood "youI love me" ?- in the lyrics;, nothing else.

  6. i understood most of it. and i agree with the others that she's got a good voice. Let's pray she comes to know Christ and then she can use it to bring others to know Him!


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