Hola! Ni Hao! Guten Tag!

I'm back!!  It will take me awhile to get back into the blogging grove.  I really did abandon it for the last two weeks.  I only visited a few select special interest blogs--my google reader is overflowing.  But, I'm just going to have to "mark all as read" and move on.  Hope yall don't mind. :)

The Carnival of Beauty is going on this week with a WONDERFUL topic!  This week is the Beauty of Sacrifice!  It is to be hosted over at Holy Experience, by Ann.  She has given us till Tuesday 9:00 PM EST . . . which is 9 AM on Wednesday here in Taiwan--just in case you were
interested in that little random fact.

Thank you to both Sara and Patricia who hosted while I was breaking--I'll be over to check out yall's CoB's soon!!

I have decided to make a few changes to the CoB and will be announcing
those soon.  For now, I would like suggestions for future topics.  Our
current line-up will only last one more month.  So, if you have any
ideas, please send me an email!

Hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday--mine was pretty good! :)

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  1. Hi Amanda ~ you were missed! I must not have read about your going away because I kept wondering why you hadn't updated in a while. :) Hope you had an enjoyable time away.
    I've been out of town quite a bit myself due to two funerals. My Bloglines were piled up...but I finally made my way thru them all. It is great that you can "mark as read" and carry on. I just can't bear to do that myself! LOL! Glad to see you're back!


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