Eden Joi is Here!!

After 24 hours of "false labor" followed by 25 hours of unmedicated, natural labor, Eden Joi arrived by c-section on Feb 3 (41w3d).  Due to cultural differences in medical practices, my recovery has been a very slow one. Both of us are doing well, but last week was one of the longest weeks of my life.  

We've seen God's hand of mercy over and over again, both during labor, the surgery, and in the week we spent in the hospital. Too many to name them all right now, but we sing the Lord's praises for His kindness to us.

Eden Joi, our little miracle
Feb. 3, 2013 born at 6:31am
4220 grams / 9lbs 5oz
50.5 cm / 19.9 in


  1. Congratulations, Amanda!!! I am so thrilled for you! The parenting joys (and woes!) are just beginning. May God give you the grace to parent well. :-)

  2. God is so, so good! Smiling here in Jerusalem.

  3. She's beautiful! Congratulations to all three of you. God is so so good! :)

  4. Congratulations!! She is so beautiful!!

  5. Oh my goodness!!! How very, very special!!! Congratulations! I'm just stopping by today and finding out about your news!!! i hope all is going well a month after the birth and that you're all adjusting to your new little family. Amanda, so glad to have found you again!!!

    I abandoned Bloglines long ago--and subsequently your blog--and started using Google Reader....your blog was still showing up on Bloglines when I decided to go there today to see if there were any blogs from long ago I wanted to check on and decided to click on wuhoo.

    Do you know that out of the blue the Lord brought you to mind...maybe a month ago?? I can't remember, but I wondered at the time where that thought came from! I should have known something was going on that needed prayer! But at the time I couldn't remember your blog name/address to check in. So today I'm glad that I decided to click on this link.

    Wishing you the very best. And I do hope to read more if you decide to keep blogging.


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