mom is HERE!!

My mom arrived late Tuesday night.   Wednesday was a national holiday–dragon boat festival–so we had lunch with friends and then met some other friends at the boat races.  Thursday and Friday we did school stuff.  Then Saturday we had lunch with close friends, visited the Confucian Temple in Tainan, and ended the day with a Bible study.

Mom on Train On a Commuter Train
Taking different trains
"Street Vendors" at the Festival
Vendors set up at the Dragon Boat Races
Dragon Boat Races
While she can claim that she saw some races, it was really crowded and ended up not being as exciting as other races I’ve seen in previous years.
Moped Riding
She’s also been braving my moped. :D
TOEFL B Freshmen
And, she’s met some of my students.
Lunch with Corrina's Family
Corrina is like my big sister . . . and she is also our matchmaker and neighbor, so lunch with her family was special for all of us.
ICE!!!! :D
Mom has also had her first taste of mango bing (ice). YUMMY!
At the Tainan Confucian Temple
At the Confucian temple
Tropical Fruit Bowl Lemongrass, sage, and rosemary tea
Tea time with some of my adult students included an awesome bowl of tropical and the most amazing tea made from lemongrass, sage, and rosemary.

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