move over, daisy

I think I’ve fallen in love with a new flower.

For a long time now, sunflowers and daisies have been my favorite flowers.  They just SMILE at me!  They make me OH so happy!!   Lawrance knows I’m not a rose fan.  They smell wonderful, but that’s about it.  Daisies and sunflowers are just so much more joyful.

Our second date was to a sunflower field.
Lawrance and Amanda
___We used daisies as the inspiration for our American wedding.
___See?  They are just HAPPY flowers.

But, move over daisy . . . and, move over sunny . . . there’s a new girl in town.
I think I’ve fallen in love with the peony.

Deep Blue Peony by geishaboy500 on flickrDeep Blue Peony by geishaboy500 on flickr
If sunflowers smile at me, peonies whisper to me “Come closer, I have a secret.”
Paeonia, Tree Peony detail byTie Guy II on flickPaeonia, Tree Peony detail byTie Guy II on flickr
Like all women she is complex.  She appears soft and delicate, but she is so full and flamboyant at the same time.
Peony Momo by geishaboy500 on flickrPeony Momo by geishaboy500 on flickr
She starts out so tight and guarded, yet she bursts with potential, waiting to unfold. Opening by nettsu on flickr
The Tang Dynasty saw the first female ruler in China’s history.  She declared that no flowers be allowed to bloom.  Only the peony broke her orders and bloomed anyway.
peony in a vase by tanakawho on flickrpeony in a vase by tanakawho on flickr
____In Chinese culture the peony is a symbol of richness because of the luxuriousness and abundance of a single peony bloom, making her a favored subject in paintings.  Again, I see why.

rainy day peonies by Pear Biter on flickrrainy day peonies by Pear Biter on flickr
___Sunflower, you will always make me smile.  Daisy, you will always hold a special place in my heart.  But, move over girls, it’s time to invite Peony to the party too.

Do you have a favorite flower?  What does your favorite flower say to you when no one is looking?

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