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Preaching and Translating

One of the things that we both are very thankful for are opportunities to work together.  We’ve had quite a few chances recently to speak to different groups on the topic of “Culture Matters.”

And, we also have been working together to lead worship occasionally at New Life Bilingual Church.  Lawrance leads, while I get to translate and sing with him.

We both really enjoy these opportunities to work together.  We both feel so blessed to have such an amazing teammate and partner to serve with.  The Lord totally knew what He was doing when He  made us husband and wife.

Nonetheless, nothing has made me more proud than getting to work along side him last Sunday as he preached for the first time.  He preached in Chinese, and I got to stand beside him and translate his sermon into English.
What a joy to stand next to him as he shared the Word of God!!

Preaching and Translating

I look forward to hearing God speak through him in future sermons that are yet to come. Praise the Lord!!

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