dear blog

dear blog,

i miss you.  it seems like ages since we last had a good chat.

but, well, i've been a bit busy . . . with five senior projects to oversee and 60 some-odd writing students  . . . plus, christmas parties to host . . . well, i've had my hands full. 

not to mention the best thing of all . . . I used to come home to an empty apartment, take care of my dog and then enjoy time with you, now, I come home and well . . . my hubby comes home just a few minutes later.  it's wonderful. 

sorry if you feel neglected.  you've been an important part of my life, i used to think I couldn't imagine not having time to blog.  but, that dat has arrived.  senior projects are almost due so maybe I'll have a bit more free time soon.

missing you,


  1. I think your blog definitely missed you, and so do I! I want to talk to you sometime about how married life is going for you...seeing as we're both relatively new at it. It would be so much fun! My husband and I are toying with the idea of maybe going to Tainan for that whole 4 days off at New Year's time, so maybe we could get together then. I'd love to meet your new hubby and Gilby too! =)

  2. I've missed you, too. But I hope married life is treating you well. . .have a wonderful first Christmas together!

  3. Glad you are OK. Life is pretty full here too at the moment.

  4. Enjoy being a newlywed! Just check in every now and then!

  5. Amanda, I haven't read your blog in quite a while and I am so excited to see your wonderful news!!! I absolutely love all of your wedding pictures and all of the ways that you included the grace of God and your surrender to Him. You are surely a huge blessing and testimony of Christ to the Taiwanese people that He has surrounded you with. That makes my heart so joyful!


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